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Wedding Party NE Minneapolis Wedding Photography and Videography
NE Minneapolis Wedding Photography and Videography

Photography and Videography

Don’t choose between one or the other. Book all your photography and videography needs in one place. Our lenses will tell your story and make planning easier. Save money, stress, and time with 2211 Media, the premiere NE Minneapolis Wedding Photography and Videography company.

NE Minneapolis Wedding Photography and Videography

We make NE Minneapolis our home. Its culture, stories, and people have shaped who we are and our stories. If you’re from here or far away, we’re here to tell your story.  We are NE Minneapolis Wedding Photography and Videography.

Dad and Daughter Dance
Engagement Pictures

Deals and Offers

Sign up for a package today and receive a free engagement session! Up to 2 hours of photos and video taken of you and your significant other, what's better than that?


We have everything you need. Ask about getting your wedding livestreamed for anyone who can't make it. We'll even edit videos and photos taken by your guests.

Telling Your Story

We want to tell your story. Please contact us if you have any unique asks or things you want to try. We are willing to give it a shot, especially if it tells your story better.

Hannah's Face

Hannah Habermann

Hannah is the Photographer for 2211. Her philosophy is to keep it simple. Let your story tell itself. She’s try to keep things as stress-free as possible to ensure everyone has a good time. Her favorite stories are Moonstruck, Outlander, and the novel On the Road.

Davis's Face

Davis Steen

Davis is the videographer for 2211. He loves to have fun and let the humor come out in most situations. He always the first one to talk and will gladly tell you a joke when you need it. His favorite stories are Little Miss Sunshine, Treasure Island, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.