Your 2019 Review

Everyone likes to end the year with a year in review type post or list. YouTube always does it poorly. Every single music website lists their favorite albums and songs. But we’re going to do it a little differently. We want you to know that your year should be celebrated, not just Billie Eilish’s (Bad Guy is alright, I guess). Everything you do that gets you off the couch and helping those around you should be celebrated! We think you did a great job this year and there are tons to look forward to in 2020. Let’s look at your 2019 review.

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We liked our 2019 review, let’s look at yours.

Your New Stories

Cohabitation has been on the rise recently and this has been making some people in our industry angry and scared. This all according to Pew Research. The world has a way of changing. The old people tnd to get mad at the young people for doing things differently. In 2019, we want to acknowledge you all and your resiliency. We want you to remember that even though people say that industries are being killed by young people, who cares? It’s what make you you that matters. Whether you’re living with a partner, alone, or somewhere not on this needlessly binary scale, we support you! This is one of the big stories for us in your 2019 review.

Having fun at the urban engagment session
Your 2019 review is looking good.

Your Inspiration for Stories

The world can be a hard place sometimes. The news outlets keep mentioning everything that is happening on a 24-hour news cycle. That can be just so exhausting. Both Hannah and Davis came into 2019 with a dead-end job that was going nowhere. We both took this year to seize what we knew and start 2211, and while we’re still not done with our jobs, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We can worry about the things we can’t control all day, and there were a ton in 2019, but the things that will make a difference are those we can. In 2020, we’re excited to see you grab life by the horns a little bit more and make it a better year than 2019. Your 2019 review can’t go anywhere without looking to 2020.

Davis and Hannah your 2019 review
We think you’re great.

Closing Thoughts on your 2019 review

We started 2211 in 2019 and are just getting off the ground, We did our first engagement shoot three months ago. Our first wedding was in May. We went from doing nothing to having something. The future is exciting and we know that we can change people’s lives by simply telling their stories. What stories are you hoping to tell in 2020? We would love to help you tell the story of the love you have, the days you have toiled on various projects, or just something that happened to you that you want the world to know about. Hit us up and let’s make your story the headline in 2020.

NE Minneapolis Stories

We both met here in NE Minneapolis. Davis lived by Good Carma Coffee (good coffee and even better people) and Hannah by Holy Land (Mediterranean food to die for). We both love this area and want to tell its story. Central Avenue, the NE turkeys, so many breweries, and some perfect spots for pictures and videos. Let’s walk through NE Minneapolis stories and culture and find out what it has to offer.


According to Meet Minneapolis, “Northeast’s neighborhood can be divided into two main sections: the Arts district and the Riverfront district.” Both riverfront and arts do a great job of describing what you can encounter when you dive into NE Minneapolis and what is has to offer. The Mississippi and all its majestic glory or the arts of many different cultures circling the streets and people of this beautiful neighborhood. These all contribute to the NE Minneapolis Stories that we know and love.

Afton and Caleb NE Minneapolis Stories
Afton and Caleb had us tell their NE Minneapolis Story.

The Landmarks

Most people when they think about NE Minneapolis first jump to the vibrant brewery scene. Indeed, Bauhaus, Fair State, and Insight to name a few. Each of these places has their own stories that fill the taproom and their beer each time we go to get a drink or visit with friends. The Lowry Bridge over the river is sandwiched between a tiki bar known as Psycho Suzi’s and a Ferris Wheel owned by Betty Danger’s. The Stone Arch Bridge (I’m sensing a bridge theme) connects NE Minneapolis to the heart of Minneapolis and is one of the more beautiful spots not just in Minneapolis, but in the midwest. So many parks positioned perfectly between the urban landscape creating gorgeous photo and video spots for any story.

NE Minneapolis Arts District
One of NE Minneapolis many Arts Districts signs

The culture

Hipsters. Hipsters everywhere. That’s the outsider’s view of NE Minneapolis, and to an extent, they aren’t wrong. The hipsters and their IPA, thrift shops, and bicycle lanes are thriving in NE Minneapolis, but there’s more. Artist’s studios line almost every major street, bringing stories through different media to those who walk through this neighborhood. A market, fair, or expo is happening every weekend, that culminate into the event of the summer, Art-A-Whirl. It’s hard to stay in NE Minneapolis for longer than an hour and not fall in love with all the cultures surrounding you. EspeciallMiy with the food. Central Avenue alone spans the world in the way of restaurants and food. And each has its own story.

Art A whirl
One of the best NE Minneapolis Stories.

What’s your NE Minneapolis Story?

With all of the culture, food, art, and people, it’s hard to find something that bores you here in this part of Minneapolis. Hannah and Davis recently did an engagement session for Afton and Caleb starting in NE Minneapolis and ending in Downtown, walking the whole way. The mixture of urban and nature create such fundamentally different backdrops for any story being told. Each building and Street has its own history. And the nature is vibrant and thriving. And the people are friendly and loving. All the things anyone would need in a living space, photo shoot, or whatever brings you outside. Let us help capture your story in the beautiful neighborhood of NE Minneapolis.

Mental Health and Weddings

A wedding can be an incredibly stressful time in a couple’s life. Tensions tend to run high, even if you are trying to keep it small and casual. Family drama, vendor troubles, even the weather can make the whole thing way more stressful than it ever need be. Check out our tips on mental health and weddings.

Our Mental Health

We both have struggled with mental health throughout our lives. Everything we speak about today is from our own experiences and from people that we have talked with. We want to help make your wedding special and it’s hard to do that when the stresses overtake the joy you feel for your partner and your family coming together to celebrate. These may not work for you, but they certainly have helped us. It’s important to remember that you aren’t alone, no matter how much it feels that way.

Planning, Planning, Planning

Every day something new comes up. The colors. The food. How many people are your going to invite. Why aren’t you inviting this person? Oh no, a friend of yours has the same colors and you’re really not a friend of theirs anyway, it’s just through Instagram. These little things can really add up and by the end of all the planning you can feel lost. Don’t forget to take time off for yourself. Reading a book, walking on a path you find familiar, shopping (Davis likes this one a little too much). These things can all help you to slow down and refresh your brain and your anxiety. Take it from Donna and Tom. Treat Yo Self.

Mental Health? Treat Yo Self!

Post Wedding Blues

You’ve waited for this day for so long and before you know it, the day is done. Everyone is going home. The cousins that were in your house are gone and now it’s just the two of you. Going back to work as if nothing ever happened. The world has a way of continuing to be the same when you change. Madame B’s Boutique has a great article on the post-wedding depressions she went through. Take care of yourself and plan for stuff to do after your wedding to continue and self-care, even outside of having a honeymoon. Mental health and weddings expands past that one day.

The Center of Attention

Some people just really do not want to be the center of attention. Davis doesn’t fully understand this, but Hannah does. Stage fright can hit and make the day even worse. All the people you have to “entertain.” Having to be in front of people. The cameras pointed at you. It can all be too much for some. The important thing to remember is that while your family might be there and you may have had to pay a lot of money for them to be there, this whole event is for you. The people there want to celebrate you, and if they don’t, who cares about them anyway? You are too important and cool for them anyway. Do you see what you’re wearing? Schnazzy as heck!

Guy in a spotlight
You’ll look better than this guy, that’s for sure.

How We Can Help with Mental Health and Weddings

As talked about earlier, we both have struggles with mental health, especially when it comes to big events. Through those struggles, we have learned and want to help you with everything our experiences have taught us. Our photography and videography will help you to remember the day so you can sit back and not worry about two less things. Our attitudes are chill. We have heard way too many horror stories of photographers that we’re grumpy, mean, or downright rude. In order to help you through your day, you need someone on your side, who has your back. We’ll gladly be that and tell your story at the same time. Take care of your mental health and your wedding will be so much more special.

Our Family

We like to work with couples. We find ourselves at home as we get to know you and your unique story. Through that, we have been able to learn, grow, and challenge our own views with each new couple that we meet. Their stories fill us with any and all emotions that one can be filled with. But we never really tell too much about ourselves, because it isn’t our story that is being told in that moment. So, here is our moment to shine. Here is our family and our story.

Davis and Hannah. Our Family.
Davis got Hannah to dance at this wedding.

Hannah and Davis

We both met at this mystical and wonderful place known as Wells Fargo, where we both worked as the ethereal temporary worker. Needless to say, we weren’t the biggest fans of what we did (Document custody for mortgage companies gets pretty boring after more than 1 hour of work) so we connected and talked and eventually we went out. First to a brewery, Fair State in the house, and then to a now defunct Italian restaurant in Edina. And now we have a life together, that includes two cats, an apartment, and a joy for telling stories.

Our Family (Cats)
Click the picture to see Hannah’s photos of our kitties on her website.

Our Family (Cats)

Davis moved in with Hannah in June of 2018. 5 days later, 2 little black cats moved in and have terrorized us ever since. Especially because Hannah went on a 5 day camping trip that next weekend, so Davis had to take care of kittens when he had really only had a dog. They survived, no thanks to Davis, and have become some pretty big boys in the process. We went with adopting them from a shelter. We knew that black cats had a stigma that forced them to be one of the under-adopted cats, so we gave it a shot. Fats Domino and Sully appreciated it, we’re sure.

NE MPLS Wedding Venue
This was a beautiful set up for a wedding

Our Family (Passions)

The thing that drew Hannah and Davis together were there passions. Davis had been interested in movies and videos since he was in Middle school, creating some of the most horrible YouTube videos you could ever see. He took that into a Broadcast Journalism degree, because NDSU doesn’t have a film degree, and is now making movies with his friends outside of the movies he makes for our couples. Hannah’s passions started with fashion. She loved to see all the fashion photography that was coming out. She also takes bi-yearly trips to the north and wanted a way to preserve the beautiful lands that memory couldn’t do. She took up photography and the rest is history.

First Dance
No words needed for this story

Your Story

Every good story needs perspective. Hannah and Davis have lived some pretty perspective filled lives that allow them to get into anyone’s shoes and show what makes a story tick. Years of creating, reading, and enjoying stories have led us to you. We will tell your story as if you were the director. You’ll be the actor, obviously, but we’ll take care of the rest. Be prepared to cry at your own story like Davis cries at most movies.

About Our Videography

Movies are selling out theaters weekly. We are fascinated with a story up on the big screen. Videography is an extension of that media and your chance for your story to be up on that screen, or at least worthy of it. Davis is our videographer and he has an eye for movies and telling a story in a cinematic way. Here is about our videography.

Davis, Our videography guy

Why do videography?

The weddings we have shot have been ones that were at first hesitant to take on videography. They weren’t sure if it was going to be worth it. They have since changed their mind with one bride telling us how the video was their favorite part of the wedding. We are subject to movies and TV every day. It’s only natural that this is the way we like our stories to be told. Therefore, videography is our best chance at that.

Silhouetter urban engagement session

Engagement Trailer

Every good story has a trailer beforehand. We recently created a wedding trailer for a couple. We created an action movie trailer that not only showed the date of their wedding, but showed off who they were as people. The trailer is a great way to get people hyped. Get them ready for the event, and show off your personality and story. Through our videography, we are always looking for unique ways to tell your story and this is one of those ways.

Videography in action

Unique videos

Every weekend, hundreds, or thousands even, of people are getting married. Most of those videos are going to look pretty similar. We don’t like those cookie cutter formulas that are easy to pull off, with all their shortcuts. We get to know you and your story, by sitting down with you, talking with you, and finding your unique story. We customize the experience to how it is going to work for you. Then, you’ll feel your story is worthy of selling out movie theaters.

Davis in a yearbook picture

Contact Us!

Not sure if you want videography? Concerned about price? Contact us for some options that will help to alleviate a lot of the stress that is surrounding the videography experience. We’ll even take your guests’ videos and edit them into one cohesive video for you. We have every option you could want in your video.

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