About Photographer Hannah

Hannah was originally born in Milwaukee, but spent most of her time growing up in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Minnesota in 2013 and immediately fell in love with NE Minneapolis.She found photography through her love of nature. Going on bi-annual camping trips to the north shore with her sister, she has found a way to capture the beauty of that area with the lens of her camera. After working her way through corporate America, she found photography and telling stories to be her true passion.Hannah’s favorite park is Tettegouche State Park. Her favorite thing about NE Minneapolis is the Arts District. Have Hannah tell your story today!

About Videographer Davis

Davis comes from the snowy tundra of Fargo, North Dakota, and moved to NE Minneapolis in the summer of 2015. Davis was a broadcast journalism major in college, only because the school didn’t have a videography or filmmaking degree. He fell in love with making videos through comedy that he saw as a kid, finding he could make people laugh and feel through the things that he shot with his camera. His first videos from middle school can be found on YouTube, though he will never tell you where. Davis’s favorite pastime is baseball. He loves all the breweries in NE Minneapolis and the culture that they bring. Have Davis tell your story today!