Davis’s Side Projects

Davis’s Side Projects

A bookshelf filled with VHS tapes of movies. Movies like Space Jam, Cinderella, and The Pagemaster. This bookshelf is where Davis’s love of movies started. From there, her bought DVDs in college. So many, that he couldn’t bring them all with him when he moved to Minneapolis. The movies were Davis’s escape. They gave him the chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Get to know their story. And now, he’s using that to push himself further every day. Today, we talk about Davis’s Side Projects.

Short Movies

Davis made his first short movie in middle school. You can find it on YouTube if you look hard enough. (Please don’t look hard enough.) From there, he explored more what we could do with a camera. NDSU only had a Broadcast Journalism major in the ways of film, but Davis went for it. From there, he made tons of sketches and short movies with the creative people around him.

Here’s a trailer we created for Afton and Caleb

The most recent film he made was about Distractions. Something that is unfortunately very near and dear to Davis’s heart. He got to film this with a fellow producer and an outstanding actor. Utilizing his knowledge gained from movies, Davis was able to make something that he is quite proud of. It’s not completely done yet, but it’s really coming together.

He’s used this knowledge and skill to assist in the wedding videos that we have created. His directorial role in the movies worked perfectly with his videographer role for 2211. He knows how to get the shots he needs to tell a story. Take control of a situation and get things done. Plus, he’s pretty personable, unlike some directors. We don’t actually know any, but we assume a few of them are prima donnas.


Davis really got his start in the entertaining world doing comedy. And even more than that, doing improv. It was the only thing he could get done in Fargo. The improv skills he developed allowed him to venture into sketch comedy, where he founded two different sketch groups. They have entertained the great people of NE Minneapolis through Strike Theater for quite some time. If you don’t know them, you should really check them out. They put on some awesome shows. Check them out here.

Here’s some of Davis’ humor in a video he made last Thanksgiving

Davis’s comedic skills have helped with his timing, another skill that he has been able to bring to 2211. The editing of a video is all about timing. Where to put the first kiss and the reveal. How to ensure everything looks good together. These are the things that make a good highlight video. Davis was able to take his comedic skills and translate them to the editing room, thus helping tell your story even better.

Logo Design

This last side project of Davis’s has been a recent addition. He’s always been interested in logos of companies and minimalistic artwork. Have you ever seen the minimalist movie posters? They can be pretty awesome. Here’s a link to some. Then Davis got Adobe Illustrator and tried his hand out at logo and letter designs. He’s even designing the Save the Dates and Invitations for our wedding. His hope is to bring this skill to the clients of 2211 Media. Help bring their video, photos, and design elements of their wedding under one easy to plan and work with company.

Davis's Side Projects of Logo Design
Davis’s Side Project turned into this business.

Ending of Davis’s Side Projects

So, that bookshelf of VHS tapes might be completely obsolete now, but the skills and lessons learned from them have carried on. Want to have your story told in a cinematic and movie way? Book 2211 Media for your photography and videography. Davis will be there, along with Hannah. And our side projects will teach us everything we need to tell your story.

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