Planning Basics and How They Can Help Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is months, maybe even years away. You’ve got tons of time in the world. Right now, you can put your feet up, make it through a few seasons of The Office before they take it off of Netflix and just relax. You keep relaxing until a week beforehand, when you realize there are so many things that have to be done. Everything falls on your shoulders and you are rushing and not sleeping until three days after your wedding. You didn’t get to enjoy any of it. You were too busy thinking about all the planning that you didn’t do in between Michael Scott jokes. Let’s makes this not be you. Here are the Planning Basics and How They Can Help Your Wedding Day

Planning Basics and How They Can Help Your Wedding Day 


It is really easy to get sucked into the planning of a wedding. There are so many minute details that take your attention and each one seems pressing at the time. Not only that, but you have your family and friends telling you what to do. One of your bridesmaids doesn’t like the color you chose. A parent is telling you that your table decorations look gaudy. All this “feedback” gets in the way of actually planning your wedding. That’s where having a mission for your wedding comes in handy. Now, 2211, are you talking about a mission statement? Like a business? Yes, we are! It may seem weird, but one unifying sentence will help you to ensure you are always going the right way. What is most important to you on the wedding day? That’s where you’ll keep your sights while everyone is giving you “feedback” on the outside. 

Planning Basics and How They Can Help Your Wedding Day
Afton and Caleb used the planning basics to take this sick shot

Now, to find your mission, you need to know your story. A lot of times, the mission is simply to celebrate your love with your friends and family. Knowing this, helps make the small things even smaller. The table decoration aren’t as important, as long as everyone has fun at the dance, so you’ll work on the mix for the dance instead of the table decorations. Sometimes the look is more important to a couple, so those table decorations are necessary to think about. Finding your couple story and what you want to do on your wedding day in a nice easy sentence or paragraph will help you to declutter the world around you and focus on what is important to you. 


We want to ensure our friends and family have a good time celebrating our love. 

To quickly run through a ceremony and save tons of time for dancing. 

To have an Instagram influencer-worthy wedding that people put up on Pinterest as a great wedding look. 

Wedding Planning Basics 

Next comes the basics of a wedding. Hannah and I are currently in the process of getting married and we have dealt with couples during the planning phases of their big days. We know what goes into the planning. Here are a few basics that need to be checked off your list. These will seem relatively simple, but we’re writing these, because we’ve seen them be forgotten until the last day. 


Relatively simple and usually the first thing that couples look for. Ensure you find a location that fits into your mission. You don’t want to be all about the dancing and not book a venue that has no dance floor space. That will put a damper on things pretty quickly. 

Wedding Planning Basics and location
Location is key when it comes to planning

Colors and Clothing 

Especially those going for a look that stands out. You want to get colors that represent you as a couple, but that will also look good when people are inundated with it at your wedding. Neon green might be funny in the moment, but looking at it all day may give people some headaches if they aren’t prepared for it. 


This is one we see get left until the last second, or given to a parent. Decorations can make or break a wedding. Even if the look isn’t your thing, it is much better to dance or celebrate love in a room filled with pictures of the couple, rather than a blank room. 

Guest List and Invitations 

We could go through the basics here. Send your Save the Dates out to only people on your guest list and 6 to 8 months ahead of time. Stuff like that, but every wedding website has those facts. Instead, this is where your mission will come in real handy. Everyone has an opinion on who should or should not be at your wedding. Look back to your mission statement when making the list and ensure the people that come are those you want there. Your influencer friends for the look. Your most beloved family if they are there for celebration. 

The day 

Planning a day can be much harder for couples, because it is much more abstract. You can taste the food and see the tablecloths, but it’s impossible to imagine exactly how a day will go, but it’s important. This will not only ensure that you don’t forget anything you want to do on your special day, but will let your vendors know exactly what to do. They want to help your wedding be a success just as much as you want it to be. 

Project Management 

Uh oh, 2211 is back on the business train. Now we’re talking project management. A lot of people think that project management is meant for software companies that need to roll out their next feature. It definitely is for that, but it can also be something that will help you plan for your big day. There are tons of free software out there. Apps as simple as a To Do List that you can share with those that need to know all the way to Kanban boards. You may not know what these things are, but if you look into them, you will see that they help you organize your to do list into categories, such as to do, done, and awaiting on responses from others. 

Project management has been tried and true in business. Most companies would shrivel and die if it weren’t for their project managers. Because of this, there are tons of helpful resources online to help project managers. Look into these for yourself, especially if the planning gives you anxiety. These will help you to ensure nothing gets swept under the rug in the hustle and bustle of the next few months. Also you will be able to see all your to do items in one easy chart, which will help you to stick to you mission.  

What Happens if You Don’t Plan? 

We talked about it in the first paragraph, but that mostly dealt with the burdens of procrastination. Most people have fallen into the procrastination hole, heck, even we have. You set off with all the right intentions, but then it all just falls to the side in favor of work, life, and every little thing in between. The best way to combat procrastination is not only to plan, but to give yourself deadlines. You know that most things will be due about a month before the wedding, but why not get a few things done earlier to make that month before the wedding deadline a little easier. Otherwise, you will feel the stress bare down on you. The last thing a couple needs on their wedding day is more stress. 

We are photography and videpography experts, but a lot of times, we’ve been left out of the planning. As a result, there are shots that the couple wants that don’t get taken, because neither side planned together. We have constructed a list of things to think about when it comes to photography and videography. Planning with your vendors will ensure you don’t miss a picture of your family that made it all the way. Ensure that your videos and phots fit into the mission that you created for yourself. Don’t forget to plan and don’t forget to include your vendors in the planning. Especially not the photographer and videographer, but we are biased. 

Ending Thoughts 

So, planning basics and how they can help your wedding day is just your starting point. Get out there and talk with couples that have recently gotten married. Talk with people you know and trust who are project managers in their jobs. Or book us and we will talk with you about all the planning you need to ensure your wedding day is as stress free as it can be. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t forget about the things you need. Instead follow the planning basics and how they can help your wedding day. 

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